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updated mon 10 dec 01


george koller on sun 9 dec 01


thanks so much for sharing your story. beautiful. perhaps
you may know that i am more of a "technologist" than
a "real potter". i spent most/much of my adult life caught
up in chasing "new". it was a race to keep up. computers
& languages change faster than it takes to wear out a good
pair of gloves. your story reflects so much tradition / feeling
/ sensitivity / respect for things large and small and animate
& inanimate. (the gap between where i have been and where
i think you are could be the theme for one of those sci-fi
scenes, one where all the panels spark and everybody has
to hang on as a time warp jumped...)

visited the
site. it gives much to think about! before i ask other
questions i'd like to know if there is someplace in particular
to see the pieces and more about the actual work environment

but, if you don't mind, i'd also like to ask a few questions
direct. is this mostly a love of tradition, or a blanket block
of things "new" - for example, would your community
use a pyrometer if there was a good reason?

thank you,

george koller
strugeon bay, wi - door county

when we moved to door county we did so to walk and bike,
and sail on this 60 mile stretch of limestone that sticks out into
lake michigan. for me a few days using the wind to get somewhere,
keeping a balance of the forces, is a wondrous experience. and
in this environment every tool i use, whhere and how i leave
it takes on special significance. i try to bring / keep this in my
work but it is much more difficult, surely it is an enviable