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mel`s sale

updated mon 10 dec 01


Marta Matray Gloviczki on sun 9 dec 01

i really dont want to brag or anything, but i cannot
keep it for myself anymore:
yesterday a friend of mine and i went to minnetonka
and we visited our mayor who had a sale in his studio.
we had an absolutely fabolous time.
mel was very nice and warm and so generous! he showed
us around, we saw all his pots, his priceless
collection in his home, his kiln, his studio, his
tools, his dog...
we stayed there for almost three hours! of course
he was very buzy with costumers coming and going and
chatting and buying... so we had plenty of time to
browse and touch all those wonderful rhodes32 glazed
pots which caresses your fingers and your eyes, and
the shinos and the carbon traps... wow!
we had a marvelous time and i have now several of
those pots in my possesion, i will get to know them
one by one, taking my time...
thank you mel,
(i always knew that there must be something pozitive
to live in cold minnesota... see, i can drive up to
minnetonka in less than two hours!)

marta matray gloviczki

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