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workshop envy

updated fri 7 dec 01


Joyce Lee on thu 6 dec 01

When I read Annie's report about the workshop done for her place by the =
mayor, I truly was envious. That is exactly what I need .... exactly =
... demos mostly ...
lessons for those of us who no longer qualify as "novices," but who =
aren't even close to professional because of our shortage of =
pot-finishing skills .... footrings, rims, lids etc. AND for those of =
us who recognize that throwing taller is only a matter of occasional =
luck ... and who desperately need to have a compassionate expert watch =
as we center/cone/open etc. I, for example, know that there is =
something wrong for me in one of those steps, but dratted if I can =
figure it out. I think it may be the moves I make when flattening the =
cone ... which I never see addressed.=20

I don't really need a beginner's workshop ... having videos and many =
books that cover that part wonderfully well. I think more than anything =
I'd like to be in a workshop with others at my level
.. or close to it .... some may even have been potting for years. =
Shoot, I'm getting excited about this ... I'd have probably gone to =
Cincinnati if I'd known what was happening .... and if it had been open =
to outsiders ... but I'd really prefer summertime .... out of the desert =
heat. hmmmm=20

I know the mayor is busy with HayCreek, the farm people, in the summer =
... but am wondering how many weeks that requires? And if it leaves time =
for an Annie-type workshop for some of the rest of us? I can think of =
mucho questions ..... wondering if there are any answers. Are there =
others in the same place I am? Would you be interested in such a =
workshop? A long weekend or maybe even longer?

And, Mr. Mayor, sir..... don't delete this if you couldn't do such a =
workshop for lack of time or desire .... but you DO have that nice new =
bunkhouse, right? If I had that farm and the bunkhouse, I'd open a =
school .... if, if, if.........

In the Mojave=20