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updated sat 8 dec 01


Lexxy on thu 6 dec 01

Remember all those posts a while back on handles? ...don't want to restart
it but I gotta tell the list something special.

After reading all that info I blindfolded myself and took about 20
miscellaneous mugs and critiqued my own handles and made a bunch more with
what I'd learned ....good lesson since I'd always hated boring mugs and was
trying to overcome it.

After a sale last weekend a lady who bought 6 just emailed me to let me know
how much she like them and how comfortable the handles are....WOW.

It was all worth it.. I think I must have really learned something. Imagine
that? And I didn't know folks did that... email with nice words....made my
day.....and much thanks to the list for all the ideas to consider. I know I
would never have changed those mugs had I not been reading here.

I guess we can learn on our own if we are open to change and keep working at

Lynn/Lexxey[on internet]/Alexis [pick one!]
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Martin Howard on fri 7 dec 01

Lynn posted:- email with nice words....made my day

For the most part Clayarters do that.
Even discussion, argument, can be carried on in that way.
But out there in the big wild world are others who just seem to have a very
big chip on their shoulders and make no effort to be friendly.

If we simply see the other person as a friend, someone who really matters,
then we get it right and the discussion continues with no hard feelings and
much learning on both sides.

Martin Howard
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