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reliable supplier

updated tue 11 dec 01


Debbie Jestin on wed 5 dec 01

Hi, I've always had great service and fast delivery from Axner and Bailey's.

scott lykens on mon 10 dec 01

I think like everone else, suppliers have good days and bad days, as well as
products that are both easy and difficult to supply quickly and efficiently,
no matter what they supply. Mason jars are sometimes impossible to find
unless its canning season, and items get stocked based on last years sales.
If you sold more pasta bowls than you could make last summer, you probably
got the idea to make a pile of them for nextsummer. Suddenly everybody
needs juicers. A customer may think, " But your a potter, why dont you have
tons of juicers in stock? While your approch could be that historically you
dont tend to sell many juicers in winter, so you dont stock much. Or perhaps
that you choose not to even make them, you recomend another potter.

I think ceramic suppliers are in the same boat. If they historically do not
sell many of the kiln shelf you need this time of the year, then they wont
tend to have very many in stock. And so htey need to be ordered. As far as
good service goes. Everybody likes somebody better, until they dont.
I know extremes in both cases. Friends that love A brand service, yet
friend say, " I've been trying to get somebody on the phone all week, lines
always busy, Im not shopping at A brand ever again"

With things like shelves, its a crap shoot, because most of those shelf
companies are busy making industrial sized shelves for industrial customers.
Studio shelves are often a special run, would only be shipped via truck,
and you really would need to think about buying a pallet of them to get a
decent price. In the end, Theyre large, heavy, fragile, awkward to
ship,store, and cost a supplier about what you
pay for them. Unless its one of the 3-4 most common sizes, I would expect
about 8 weeks for delivery after ordered from any of the large supply

If your in a hurry for shelves, I would call around to large supply
companies and ask "whats in stock" Then pay to have them shipped from there.
Time is $$ after all. Usually waiting forever to get stuff costs less.
and rushing costs lots more.
So my supplier suggestion would be to note how long it takes to get your
shelves from your local supplier and include that time frame into purchasing
them next time. Perhaps find a friend who needs the same size as you and
buy a bunch together. Cheaper, and already there when you need them
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