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lumpen brown sculpture/humour

updated thu 6 dec 01


Richard Jeffery on wed 5 dec 01

in which case I would like a large helping of faming delivered to my

seems like it's what you need on this side of the pond.

Oh (that would sound longer spoken that how I write it) I do understand you
Paula. Foot and Mouth and the lack of tourism most of the year has not been
kind over here...

still, another (good quality) craft fair this weekend - they do still exist,
let's see how the arm/pocket relationship goes this time.

For anyone passing - and you're all surely welcome - its Forrest Arts at New
Milton, on the edge of the New Forest. Good mix of sculptors, potters,
jewellers, cabinet makers, and jokers like me....

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Dear Snail,

very much enjoyed the lumpen brown sculpture tag in your recent post. (
getting the digest - from yesterday?) Went to visit some friends who run a
small jewellery /faming shop / craft gallery last weekend and bought some
things. They asked what my favourite colour was so they could gift wrap it,
and i thought -it's gotta be brown. and as expected brown was a funny answer
and there wasn't any chocolate, tan-breaking-to-mandarin or wood fire /shino
coloured paper available and so we decided its better to wrap in blue
because there was some and also because 'people like blue' and 'blue sells.'
Ho ho ho! A good laugh all round. The shiny blue wrapping looked fantastic.

I think it's pretty usual in my particular place and time to joke about the
type of stuff you love. doesn't make you stop believing passionately in it.
I understand the fear that the kind of work you love and believe in might
become sidelined to a point of extinction, or that the chance to make work
that is meaningful to you and into which you have made significant time and
money investments will cease to be economically viable or enjoyed by others.
It does strike me that the fear of ever decreasing opportunities is fairly
rampant in all sectors of the community in the present moment. For me humour
helps to allieviate the deeper stresses like - will i be able to stay
afloat? which way is the wind blowing? am i going to be in trouble if i
continue to invest in this path? - Its a kind of bravado almost.

Anyway, I don't think smiling and caring deeply or respectfully about things
are opposites, I think they are of neccessity friends and i very much enjoy
the combination of these elements in your posts.



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