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dancing with fire

updated wed 5 dec 01


Mark Mondloch on tue 4 dec 01

The kiln is cooling from yesterday's firing.

When I shut down the burners at the end, I've been moving the burners to the
side and sliding a good size piece of wood in each port. Wood flames looks
very different to me then the gas flames. They are long,sinewy, bright white
and distinctly separate from the rest of the atmosphere. The wood starts
burning right away and I run around the kiln with a stupid grin on my face
to see in all the peep-holes. In the side peeps, the blast of air from the
open peep brightens the flame and turns it to blow on the pots. From the top
front peep, I watch flames wrap around the pots on the top shelves and then
snake along the roof looking for a non-existent escape. The bottom front
shows a flame weaving in and out, finding a hole in a bird feeder to stick
it's head into. Through the peep in the chimney base, the flame looks
slower and is reluctantly finding the exit flue.

I have no idea what if anything adding these two sticks of wood are doing to
my firing results. But I know that the little dance we do with the fire is
one of the reasons I'm a potter.

Mark & Sylvia Mondloch
Silver Creek Pottery & Forge
W6725 Hwy 144
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