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ron & john book..not just cone 6

updated sat 1 dec 01


Heidi Haugen on fri 30 nov 01

hello all,
i would just like to take a moment to add to the comments on ron and
johns new book.

i had the pleasure of proofreading and now that i've sent the copy back,
i'm wishing i would have written down every word as there is already
information that i would like to re-read and now i have to wait again
along with everyone else.

i would like to point out though that although they deal with cone 6
glazes specifically, the mountain of information they offer is VERY
appropriate and important for all who glaze. glaze fit/ware durability
and the like are not reserved for electric users only, there is a wealth
of research that will serve everyone well.

the book is a gem and i'm proud to know these two fine men.
hail to clayart.
heidi haugen in montana