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mastering ^6 glazes

updated tue 31 oct 06


Bill Edwards on sun 2 dec 01


I just finished looking over the site of for Ron R. and John H. book soon
to be released.
The glazes shown are spectacular and provide many
variations of color. For many people this technology
will present better understanding and a healthier
approach when dealing with ^6 glazes.
Its really good to see these two put their heads
together and produce a book where safety and pretty
glazes work hand in hand. This is having your cake and
eating it too!

William Edwards

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sacredclay on tue 31 oct 06

I'd like to make a public apology to both John and Ron for making a
request for their glazes to be posted on the site. First, I didn't know
they were the authors. I don't learn names well. I also didn't know how
they felt about it either, being that I recently joined the group. I
have nothing but the highes respect for all on clayart. My thanks and
gratitude to all who offered me their copy of the book. I recently sold
alot of pots and can now get it.I was very upset that this book, as
well as a few others, were taken from the studio that I work at. MC6G
is my favorite book and I am grateful for its existence. Special thanks
to Ron for taking the time to personally e-mail me off site to talk to
me in a very nice way. Warmest regards to all. Kathryn in NC. the
candies are coming!!! ---