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low fire sculpture glazes + majolica

updated sat 1 dec 01


Ababi on fri 30 nov 01

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Majolica Overview | Majolica Recipes | Majolica Bibiography
- by Linda Arbuckle. Historical and technical info on this popular
You delete the TIN and the ZIRCON SILICATE it might be clear or milky.
I never tested these glazes/
You use tin alone,you get soft white you use icon silicate alone you
get cold shiny white. generally as a power of whiteness 1Tin = 2 Zircon
You can add colorants. The whiteness reinforce the color I prefer the
ultrox. for majolica add 1-2% cmc to have it like a paper that you can
paint on it without any dust.
How to make the solution to the paint? You can see here,
I add to any slurry CMC as my Bedouin women love amounts. This way they
get a lot of paint, but the ware get the proper amount.

For sculptural glaze
You can add to the glaze (test 1 2 3 4 5 ) 10Magnesium carbonate 20
,30, and so on/ You can add Badly sieved wood ash. you may get mottled
You can add soil you can add to the claybody while working stones
reinforce them with frit
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Ababi Sharon
Kibbutz Shoval- Israel
Glaze addict

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>I've checked the archives exhaustively and can't find
>what i'm looking for--a cone 04 (ish) clear matte or
>satin base without Gerstley borate. For finely detailed
>figural work, over slips, and maybe with stains. Anybody
>out there working with something like this?
>Kathy Whipple
>Brooker FL

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