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: richard burketts revision of nelson's book

updated sat 1 dec 01


iandol on fri 30 nov 01

Dear Dennis E. Tobin,

I recall buying two editions of Glen Nelson's book and it was very much =
of a basic text when I went through college. Later I got Daniel Rhodes' =
books and Peterson's came up in the remainders books list so I got that =
as well. Now some of these are being reissued I am wondering how much is =
revised in the light of modern knowledge.

When I researched Salt glazing in the early 80s I wrote to Glen and =
enjoyed sharing correspondence with him until his Wife died and he =
retired to Florida. I recall he told me he may have used Dan Rhodes as =
his source for the chemistry of salt glaze. Since that time, the notion =
of common salt reacting with water vapour has become accepted as a fact, =
thought Daniel Rhodes said it was a hypothesis. Other theories have been =
proposed in the intervening years but they seem to be ignored in favour =
of our common knowledge.

In giving your seal of approval to these, dare I call them "Ghosted" =
editions of classic ceramic text books, have you noted any updates in =
the theories which are used to explain the phenomena we deal with, such =
as salt glaze chemistry, eutectics, plasticity and reduction? Or do =
these things continue to be addressed in terms of well known historic =

I would appreciate you comments.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia.