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updated thu 29 nov 01


C TRIPP on tue 27 nov 01

Good Morning,
I just received a beautiful throwing stick that Chris Henley made for me
based on a drawing and a photo that I sent him. I read Ivor Lewis's
on throwing sticks in Pottery Making Illustrated -Spring and Summer 2000-
and tried to get one made here but was met with blank stares and shrugging
shoulders. Someone on Clayrt mentioned Chris and when I contacted him, via
email , he responded immediately and kept after me
with questions to
make sure he would make what I wanted. Such service and extremely
reasonable too.
So, if you have a tool you would like made, I would contact Chris. He'll
make it for you and then probably give you instructions for making it
yourself, complete with tools needed list! His web
site is
shipped a cut-off knife as an extra and it's nearly too handsome to use.
wood is satine and he's turned the handle with grace and added lines of
decoration to it.
Gosh. (Usual disclaimers apply. I've never even met Chris and as he lives
on the other side of the world, chances are pretty slim...)
So, treat yourself for the New Year.
Best regards,

P.S.I should get into the studio today and try out the throwing stick but
I'm having two molars drilled and filled and I don't fancy providing
lubrication by drooling.
Winter finally arrived in Dubai. You know how I can tell? Cool water came
out of the cold tap this morning. Time to break out a sweater or two.
Actually, I wear sweaters all the time, just not while I am outside.

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