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saggars vs. pitfiring

updated wed 28 nov 01


Naomi Rieder on mon 26 nov 01

Does anybody have experience with smoke/sawdust firings using both saggars
and pit-firing, to be able to let me know if the carbon markings are
similar? I have used a surface pit but the thermal shock breakage is too
high, and since I prefer to use a grogless clay, I'm considering building a
gas kiln in which to use saggars. However, the pots in photos I've seen in
books showing the results of saggar firings, don't seem to get the silvery,
swirling, blacks that I've gotten in the surface pit. Would using a saggar
in an electric kiln result in comparable markings as in a saggar in a gas
kiln? If yes, and I can't see why it wouldn't, then I could check it out
that way, before building a gas kiln. I understand the necessity for trial
and error, but if a Clayarter has gone this route before, I'd appreciate