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crafty crafter? or chicken crafter?

updated thu 22 nov 01


Joyce Lee on wed 21 nov 01

Thanks for reinforcing my own views concerning the use of "crafter" as a =
descriptor for a ceramic craftsperson. Each of you suggested that I =
correct this misconception immediately. I agree that under =
circumstances where I'm the only participant in a show I'd quickly shoot =
off a letter correcting this usage ..... would think it important to do =
so. Maybe. However, there are 14 other truly fine artists/craftsmen in =
this Guild that were kind enough to include me, welcome me, in their =
twice-yearly sales ...... they have a publicity committee that has =
worked diligently and consciously for many years in order to promote =
good will with the local newspapers and community which, of course, =
leads to greater sales for us all. I'd not want to undermine their =
achievement my first time out ....... sometimes you need to think and =
stay INSIDE the box.

Therefore, I'll bide my time and make it clear at the next (and every) =
opportunity the distinction between connotations for "crafter" and =
"craftsperson" or "craftsman." I think it would be much more kindly =
accepted (and remembered) if I worked it into a semi-humorous =
presentation before some group or other ..... my goal would be for us =
ALL to laugh - not at each other, but at ourselves as I point out that =
on the one hand I am a most "humble, self-deprecating struggling potter =
..... BUT be careful what you call me! Don't rank me with the pathetic =
souls who don't have the good fortune&stamina ... nor perhaps desire ... =
to pursue being an "artisan" (I like that word!) because on the other =
hand I'm a pretentious wanna be something or other.... fill in the =
blank. By the way, have you seen my own hook-by-number rugs?? Beautiful, =

I think I could make my point, have fun doing so, and perhaps have us =
all for a small moment in time perceiving ourselves in a more realistic =
manner.... and smiling at our discrepancies .... very human =
discrepancies. That would be acceptable and doable to me ..... probably =
to you, too.

I definitely would NOT negatively compare my glorious work to that of =
lowly"crafters" who make plastic&yarn kleenex box covers. You can bet =
that some of those will be in any audience...... and may have been our =
best customers.... are my neighbors .....
acquaintances who attend "Craft Night" and do things with string and =
glue and construction paper ..... happy things .... lots of laughs. No, =
I don't think I'll do that. =20

I do sincerely thank you for your suggestions and for the opportunity to =
be more candid before THIS group that is confident in its =
artistic/craftsperson aspirations, has reason to be ..... and would not =
easily be hurt by a mild disagreement as to style.
What a List!=20

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