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cookbook sponsorship & cookbooks as gifts

updated thu 22 nov 01


Jeremy/Bonnie Hellman on thu 22 nov 01

For people who don't cook or who aren't personally into cookbooks, remember
that MANY people do enjoy cookbooks, and they make great gifts! We can be
sure that no one already owns the clayart cookbook since it will be brand

Think holiday gifts, think birthday gifts, think non-occasion gifts!

We should buy ours now because after this printing has been sold out, there
is no guarantee that there will be any more! Lisa has voluntarily (and
without pay) put in a lot of time, effort and love into making the Clayart
Cookbook be one that we will all be proud to own (if we are into cookbooks)
and give as gifts.

I also publicly thank our sponsors who made it possible, and I'll thank them
in person the next time I order from them.

Bonnie Hellman

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From: "Alan D. Scott"
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> Thanks for listing the sponsors. I'm not into cookbooks, but I am into
> patronizing suppliers who support the project!
> Alan (in cloudy Parker, AZ)
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