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saggar clay receipe

updated wed 21 nov 01


Russel Fouts on tue 20 nov 01


>> Hi all, I bought some XX saggar clay, Fire clay and Grollegg, because I wanted to make some saggars. I thought those were the ingredients in a saggar recipe that I saw on clayart. However, now I can't find the recipe. Unfortunately, searching the list by using doesn't always return what I know is there. Is there a better way to search? If anyone has a good saggar recipe for earthenware-midfire temps, would you send it along? I know that at low temps a stoneware clay would probably do, you don't have to tell me that. I want to use a saggar clay so that I can make them once and use them until I'm 50. <<

I'm intrigued by the use of an expensive porcelain in a saggar receipe.
Must make for real pretty saggars. ;-)

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