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meteor showers

updated wed 21 nov 01


Millie on sun 18 nov 01

did any other insomniac in a less lit up part of the world see the
Even in the overly illuminated Baltimore-Washington area where my
neighbors have their pourch lights on all night I saw the really bright
long ones. one or two a minute and there were supposed to be 2,000 an
hour. usually it is overcast or raining when the leonaids or persiads
are here so I really enjoyed it. next spring I will remember to blow up

an air mattress. when I was a child, my next door neighbor used to do
and we would all lie there covered in blankets marveling at all the
above us. he knew the stars and the myths and stories and liked to
his enthusiasm with us.

Millie in Md hoping to fall asleep before the sun comes up

Doug Gray on tue 20 nov 01


I too got up extra early Sunday to watch the showers. Much less
generated light in rural South Carolina, and virtually a cloudless sky,
so we saw a great many of them. Can't say that I saw 2000 in a n hour,
but I bet I saw more than a hundred.

I'll have to remember the inflatable bed idea. I had an awful crick in
my neck afterwards. Well worth it though.

doug, SC