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kiln designs and patents,lawyer?

updated mon 19 nov 01


dayton j grant on sun 18 nov 01

When I previously mentioned getting a patent on a kiln design, some
people (on clayart) said that it might not be possible or reasonable,
being that people have been making and firing kilns for thousands of
years and 'theres really nothing that can be done with kiln design that
hasnt already been done',well as for getting a patent ,I see that someone
named Paul Geil has a design patented ,you can go to the US patent office
website and look up patent #4,531,910 which will show text pertaining to,
and pictures of ,the 'down draft kiln' that he claims to be his
'invention',as well as twelve other previous and related patents that he
sites his claimed developments as improvements over.We (Dayton Grant and
Micheal Frimkess) have reviewed the Geil patent and all the other related
patents and we find that our 'invention', the "Powerdraft Kiln"(and
industrial heating device) out performs them all by way of a new and
clearly different mechanism called "The Powerdraft Heat Circuit".There
will now be three universally known types of kiln in popular use ,the
"Up-Draft", the "Down-draft",and the revolutionary new "Powerdraft". I
think the Geil website (dosent seem to be operational these days) states
that the Geil 6 cubic foot model takes a couple hours to get to cone 05
and a few more hours to get to cone 10 ,this is encouraging to us,
because our 4 and 8 cubic foot designs (225,000 and 450,000 btu's
respectively) reach cone 05 in 15 minutes, cone 1 in about 45 minutes and
within the next ten minutes, you can watch through the peephole as cones
9, 10, 11and 12 ,go down like molten dominoes,the kiln must be turned off
at cone 12 or13 to avoid melting the kiln furniture and exceeding the
safety rating of #23-ifb's, this technology has been researched and
developed within the feild of thermodynamics as pertaining to the 'kiln
arts' of pottery,glasswork,and metal casting, but promises by its design
to serve many and any industrial applications that require high
tempratures to be reached as quickly and efficiently as possible and or
accurately sustained.Im wondering if there are any lawyers on the list
who would be interested in helping us to secure this invention properly
for free or by way of low payments,(as we are both 'insolvent' at this
time) if so then please contact me,Dayton Grant at
thanx .