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emison gasoil kiln

updated wed 21 nov 01


F.Chapman Baudelot on tue 20 nov 01

I emailed the gasoil fired kiln outfit yesterday and have received an=20
immediate reply:
I first enquired about the slightly smaller version (75 litre) so this=20
refers to that one, not the larger 100 litre one, which would probably suit=
me better (and it's still very small!).
Here is my translation from the Spanish:

In reply to your queries:
The gasoil is sucked from the tank by a pump which takes it to the burner=20
and the excess is returned to the tank. Two flexible tubes are supplied,=20
50cm long, as well as a filtre.
The tank is not included. Generally, to feed the burner, one uses the same=
50 or 60 litre drum used to bring the gasoil from the gas station.
All our kilns are approved with the CE standard mark, and in particular the=
hobby series are designed to be installed either inside (using a chimney=20
for venting gases) or outside (protected from the weather).
The exterior dimensions of the PCG-75 are 80cm diameter by 90cm high,=20
weighing about 60kg without the burner. The thickness of the ceramic fibre=
insulation is 15cm and the refractory brick protecting the fibre from the=20
action of the flame is 2cm.
The burner has all security devices according to the norm (flame control,=20
excess temperature=85), and the electronic controller revises the firing=20
conditions, stopping the process in case of anomalies.e are at your=20
disposition for any further questions.
We do not include photos on the web in order to facilitate downloading,=20
since many web-surfers do not have ADSL or RSI connections and the=20
download time for the photos is relatively long.
We are at your disposition for any further questions.