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? on theory of refiring iron reds to ^06

updated tue 20 nov 01


Christena Schafale on mon 19 nov 01

Yes, Carol, it does often help to soak and/or slow-cool iron reds, as it
gives time for the development of the crystals that give you the red
color. Whether it will work with your particular glaze, you will have to
find out by experimentation. I would guess that you wouldn't need to soak
for as long as four hours, though -- try an hour or two, for a start,
between 700 and 900 C.


>I've refired to ^06 and it works but having just read Hank Murrow's Sept CM
>Shino article where he stops and soaks during the cool down to attain the
>"fire color", I wondered if the same thing might be achieved in an electric
>kiln with iron reds. Perhaps firing down to say, 1000C, soaking for four
>hours and then doing a slow slow cool of 25C/hour until 700C and then
>letting the kiln cool itself. I confess I am looking to skip the refire to
>^06 step.

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