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steve howell's business is listed in the www's white pages

updated sun 11 nov 01


Helen Bates on sat 10 nov 01

Hi Janet,

I have found a business address for Steve Howell in Gainesville, Florida, using Whitepages Com:

to search for the terms:

Type of Business: Pottery;
Name: Steve Powell;
State: FL

It gave this one listing:

Howell Steve Pottery
2604 Northeast 19th Drive
Gainesville, FL 32609

The URL for the direct link to the result of the search is here:
(To make it clickable, I have sent the message with the text NOT word-wrapped.)

By the way, there's an interesting four page article at the following URL:
called "Creating Forms with Hump Molds" by Steve Howell:



The Ultimate White Pages:

is an even better link for finding phone numbers and addresses
since it combines a lot of other search engines.


Helen Bates
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