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texas fox

updated fri 9 nov 01


clennell on thu 8 nov 01

hey Dannon: I need some of your advice. I adviced a young starter potter
to build Nilseys Oregon flat top. You built one -right!
Questions_ what size of burners are required for the 11 cube model- BTUs per
Are these burners small enough to hook up to two hundred pounder propane
tanks. If we hit over 300,000 BTU's we need to get the safety gang involved
at $800 a visit. they recently closed a college down when they saw the words
free silica on the side of a box of clay- so we don't need them.
did you buy Nilseys burners with safeties and the works???
the plans call for 3 shelves at 8"x16". there would be more kiln post than
shelf. Would a 24" by 16" not be a better idea.
thanks for the help. don't tell Mayor Mel I adviced the guy to build small.
I'd hate to have you all think I'm turning cowardly.