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electric kiln ^6 reduction question

updated thu 8 nov 01


Marianne Lombardo on wed 7 nov 01

This is what I am thinking of doing, but I do not know if it would work. =
And I do not want to harm my electric kiln elements. My thoughts are =
to make a large pot with a snug lid, and a removable false bottom that =
has several small holes in it. Bisque it and then fire it to ^6 to =
mature (with no glaze).

Place some small twigs and dry pinecones that will hopefully catch fire =
at some point and burn and make some smoke and use up the oxygen in the =
pot. Place a glazed, bisqued pot on top of the false bottom and put the =
lid on and fire with a regular ^6 glaze firing.

Do any of you reduction-firing folks know if this will accomplish =
anything, other than a big mess? If it sounds like it should work, can =
anyone suggest a ^6 glaze that would be suitable for this purpose?

If it won't work and is a silly idea, than you can all have a nice =
chuckle for the day at the things beginners think of.