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tool women (was big greenegg,etc)

updated wed 7 nov 01


Dai Scott on mon 5 nov 01

Well, Klyf, I don't know about getting your wife to take some of those jobs
off your hands under the guise of "letting her use your tools". It may be
too late for her/you. I think she already has her agenda in order , and
it sounds like garden/fix-it/etc. jobs aren't on the agenda.
I think something like "tool savvy" is genetic, and is not really
gender-based. As a child, I was using an old-fashioned wood plane to make
"wood curls" in my grandfather's basement while he was doing carpentry
projects. Hmmmm. Maybe it IS environmental, the tool savvy thing.
Whatever. By the time I was thrust into being Ms. Fix-It, I was already
adept at using my hands, and tools, and I follow written directions really
well, especially if there's also diagrams, and it's not a direct translation
from Japanese . Oh, sorry---the "directions" thing..... it's that piece
of paper or folder that comes with purchases that need to be assembled.
I will admit, however, to being somewhat intimidated using tools that emit
loud, piercing screams while being used,like a skillsaw..... but a chainsaw
is really cool to use! It's just not very good for carpentry.
Dai in Kelowna, BC, also pretty handy with a good quality chef's knife.
"There is no right way to do the wrong thing."