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updated wed 31 oct 01


David Beumee on mon 29 oct 01

Hi claybair and everyone-
Thanks for welcoming me to Clayart.
Managing sales at home in the new studio have been greatly helped by =
the studio tour I created in Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont and =
Broomfield, as each year has brought an average of a hundred new people =
to the studio, and so the mailing list is growing.We have 22 people in =
18 studios now, in a great variety of artistic disiplines, and we are in =
the process of creating a non-profit corporation to make funding =
easier.The whole thing is an astonishing amount of work, but in a =
sometimes apothetic atmosphere to art, it's necessary to make just that =
much more effort to make a good show better each year. We start in =
September to work toward a weekend show the following May. Our monthly =
meetings run two hours minimum, and the artists have shown an amazing =
degree of personal initiative to complete tasks and keep the ball =
I also have seasonal shows in the studio, summer, fall, and winter, =
and I do hundred percent benefit sales for building funds for church and =
a radio station in Boulder I support, both of which bring in lots of =
good feeling and help to build my mailing list.
If you like I'll be happy to continue the discussion on promo work, =
insurance, etc.

David Beumee
Earth Alchemy Pottery
806 East Baseline Road
Lafayette Colorado 80026