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marcia selsor's workshops in europe

updated sat 3 nov 01


Stephani Stephenson on fri 2 nov 01

Sandra Dwiggins' recounting of her experience in Italy with Marcia made
me steal a few minutes, out of a busy busy day, and recall
my own good experiences with Marcia when I attended one of her 6 week
sessions in Spain.

I had never been overseas and likely would never have even found my way
out of the Barcelona airport if it were not for her.
She is one knowledgeable woman! What was great was that she was so
familiar with all the regions where we traveled and
had scouted out the best places to see , the good places to eat and so ,
so much of the culture and the history.
From the grand places in Spain to the Fires of San Juan to hidden
museums and treasures to the friendship of potters in a small town
she knew how to introduce this country girl to some wonders! What I
really liked was discovering other people half a world away who were
working in clay and facing similar satisfaction and problems.

And of course there was that time when we got sucked into the traffic
circle in Granada, not sure where to exit. And elderly man on a motor
with some sort of uniform pulled up alongside us...while driving round
and round alongside us he shouted through the window (in spanish), where
are you going? are you lost? do you need help?
We shouted the name of the hotel, he gestured 'follow me!" and led us
out of the vortex (traffic circle), directly to the hotel, smiling and
A whole big bundle of good memories, thanks to Marcia's experience and
hard work.

Sandra I am glad you he so many experiences to savor. Savor them well!

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA