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lowell baker free but not cheap workshop

updated sat 3 nov 01


LOWELL BAKER on fri 2 nov 01

I actually said, "I was Free but not Cheap."

I owe a big thank you to the Partners of the Americas for my travel
and to The University of Alabama for letting me skip a few classes,
and to my TAs and students for not openly celebrating my pending
absence (my grade will , however, be lowered one full point for
excessive absences). Ron Rivera from Potters for Peace should
be joining us.

Antigua is a wonderful place only three hours from Houston by air
to Guatemala City and then about 45 minutes up the mountain.

Plan to work hard and play hard; plan to spend some time
shopping and looking around and a lot of time talking about clay
and wonderful ideas.

Maybe Ron and Melinda's place can become the "Winter Farm".
Come on Mel, what have you got to loose? It's deductable. Come
early and get home before Thanksgiving. I arrive on the 18th and
the works starts soon after that.