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bonsai pot competition/ competition fees

updated fri 2 nov 01


j e motzkin on thu 1 nov 01

I have been chafing at this one for a while. I tend not
to apply to the fee based competitions I see. I hadn't
seen this Bonsai competition, $75 is obscene. I agree
with john that raising the money in steep fees for
artists removes the motivation for sales and promotion.
For the last few years, an organization in my town has
held a "juried national Prize show" competition. Big
promotion to get applicants. they charge a fee (not $75!)
and get a huge applicant pool in all media. Then they
charge a "hanging fee" for the accepted artists! When I
read an article in the news about it, in which they were
bragging about the "generous" $2000 prize and what a
service they were to artists. They collected probably
over $50,000 in fees that year, rejected most of the
payers of those fees...who is being served here??? Give
me a real cause and I will, pots, time.

I don't do a lot of competitions, but a $75 entry fee
seems a little high
to me. Just wanted to get your thoughts.

>Seems like a great way to fund the "cash awards" without

having to risk
much dough up front. Let's see....... 1000 applicants
equals $75,000
dollars gross income from the artists alone. Not bad ...
Rather pay a hefty commission on the sales of the pieces
end and start out
with a much lower "app" fee. That puts the onus of
generating some sales
from the show onto the promoter of the exhibition. No
sales..... no money
. Good for BOTH parties. High show app fee.......
good only for the
show organizer.



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