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exhibition in the philippines nov.24

updated mon 29 oct 01


van den Broeck Jeff on sun 28 oct 01

After five years without a serious production of pots, but busy moving and
building a house in the Philippines, I'm back to pottery and preparing an
exhibition from November 24, 2001 till the end of the year in the
Sanctuary Gallery of the Maryknoll Sisters in Baguio City (Campo Sioco).

I think the idea was to have 2 foreign and 2 Philippino potters. For the
moment I'm only sure that I'll have an exhibition and as far as I know a
British potter staying in Sagada, David Fowler will join. An American
potter, whom I hope to meet soon, has been building a wood fired kiln in
Sagada and could also participate. But I heard it was his first firing. So
finally I hope to meet some local potters. At the moment I'm not optimistic
about the participation of some Philippino potters, I regret because it
could have been a real West meets East or vice versa.

I'm still firing one or two kilns before the opening, but had already to
prepare a page on the web site:
Go to the calendar and watch 18 and 24 November. In the 24 November message
click 'news' and you'll find some information and four pictures of my pots.
This is my first experience on the web. I'm very grateful that invited me to have a page, but I'm also aware that the
pictures could have been of better quality.

The page is a nice way of presenting myself and I hope it will narrow the
physical distance that separates us.

Greetings, Jeff van den Broeck

Jeff van den Broeck
P.O.Box 1099, Baguio City 2600