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primitive foil firing

updated sun 28 oct 01


Russel Fouts on sat 27 oct 01


>> I went to a workshop about 2 yrs ago given by Russel Fonts that promoted the production of smoke fired pottery in an electric kiln! The idea was to bisque fire a pot to 05 using terra sigillata if available then taking that pot and wrapping it very tightly in tin foil inside of which and on the pot various combustables were placed. I did a nice bowl fired to 05 before the workshop with a light colored terra sig. We fired the pieces shortly after lunch and as I had some salad left over I put it in the bowl - what the heck - a salad bowl. We fired to 1000 F. The end product was really nice. <<

Thanks. I normally stick to newspaper but yeah, you can use just about
anything. Anyone wanting to know more this workshop can check on my site

>> I've tried pushing the firing limits to 1300-1400 F but the tin foil disintegrates and the reduction effects are lost. <<

Used carefully, the re-oxidation can be a nice effect giving the work a
more "traditional" pit fire look with reduced and oxidized areas.

The foil goes all flakey when it starts to break up and makes a bit of a
mess of your kiln though. You need to be careful when moving things out
of the kiln. Actually, haven't tried this yet but, vacuuming up the
loose bits of foil as you unload the kiln, before you remove a piece,
might do the trick.

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