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updated sun 28 oct 01


Janet Kaiser on sat 27 oct 01

Maybe it is because you chaps are CREATIVE and posses
many practical abilities and SKILLS? Just the very
strengths needed for problem solving right across the
board? (no pun intended). No need to verbalise, just
roll sleeves up and get on with the job... Not hold a
committee meeting to decide who does what, when, where
and who'll get the medal (=official / academic

And anyway, you do not have the TIME, never mind you
lack the inclination to become petty... Far more
important stuff on your plates. The disciplines are
also so dissimilar, no one feels they need to point
score individuals within the "team"... Each has his/her
own area of expertise. No hair splitting necessary or
treading on toes.

BTW John, after inserting glass, textile, metal and
jewellery designers & makers, the last line of the song
should really be: "But we all hate the art
historians"... :-)

That is the discipline where "real academia" kicks in,
issues start getting in the way, everyone becomes catty
whilst back-stabbing and point scoring in their rush to
make a name for themselves. The reason? Because it is
all WORDS. Not deeds or acts. Nothing is made or
created. Just talk, blah-blah-blah... Opinion,
blah-blah-blah... Any yet most of them could not become
an artist in a million years. Like film and book
critics... All wind and water.

Janet Kaiser - Queen of wind and water
The Chapel of Art . Capel Celfyddyd
Criccieth LL52 0EA, GB-Wales Tel: (01766) 523570

>>Who was that folksinger who did a "social commentary"
type song (using
other religious and ethnic references) that in this
context might go something like...

All the painters hate the photographers,
and the photographers hate the painters.
All the sculptors hate the printmakers...
and everybody hates the potters! <<