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diana/doug's ed workshop

updated mon 29 oct 01


tomsawyer on sat 27 oct 01

Doug said:
"people say art and math have nothing to do -with one another."
I missed the original post but saw Joyce's response. My wife is a physicist
and she has often pointed out that the really great mathematicians and
physicist [Einstein, Bohr etc.] spoke of formulas as beautiful and that
there is great creativity at these elevated levels much like art. Today many
fundamental particles have names like color and charm etc. It seems to me
that creativity in its many guises is art.
Tom Sawyer

Joyce Lee on sat 27 oct 01

Thanks for the info about my good bud, Diana. We've now communicated.

Doug said:
"people say art and math have nothing to do -with one another."

Actually, although there have been many studies with conflicting =
results, there does seem to be a correlation between a propensity for =
both geometry and the arts ..... with particular emphasis on music. =
Geometry, of course, involves problem solving based on accepted =
understandings (to simplify, probably too much for the mathematicians =
among us) ..... many artists believe that their work "just happens" .... =
but again studies (I read this info long ago and don't recall =
names/titles etc) indicate that much structural problem solving is =
involved in creating art, also....... just occurs very rapidly. As a =
matter of fact, for some students geometrical conclusions happen in the =
blink of an eye, too. Those students often are the ones who "get" the =
answer, but aren't sure how it happened .... can't "show their work"... =
drive teachers bananas.

In the Mojave excited about the new projects Diana has going ..... it's =
good to hear news from friends..... especially those as bright and =
creative as she.