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virginia potters/videos

updated fri 26 oct 01


Tamara Williams on thu 25 oct 01

I am really curious about all of these points Randy made and I am wondering if there are any ClayArters in VA. I am just starting out and I want to take weekend trips to visit nearby potters. So if anyone doesn't mind me stopping by for a day or know of any potteries around here. I'm willing to do some dirty work in exchange for some lessons too =) Once the videos get going I'd definitely be a viewer.

Wish I could take the time off to travel around and work on those videos.. BUT reality hits and I can't afford it.

Randy said:
My personal interest in the video, is for a few reasons:
1. I wouldn't mind putting faces with you all.
2. Seeing other working studios.
3. Seeing where other potters live, and work. What are your surroundings?
4. Seeing Clayarters at work, and gleaning whatever I can.
5. Watching the many great personalities on this list in their native
habitat. Kind of like a nature documentary, only weirder.

Other possible value:
1. Promote Clayart artists
2. Promote understanding of what we do.

I would like to travel all over the place seeing different people working
with clay. This would be a ceramics tour of the world.