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teacher/kid pots

updated fri 26 oct 01


mel jacobson on thu 25 oct 01

i solved that one ages ago.

i always carried and still do, one of my stamps
in my apron pocket.

so here is the story:

`hey, mel....will you help me trim this big bowl?`
(usual scam.)

`hey, love to`.

trim, trim, trim...perfect.
out comes my stamp....and smack, right in the
middle of the stamp.
`hey, wally, remember to sign your pot right next to mine.`.

home the pot went.
but, man, did they learn a lesson.
touch again.
remember the guy i told you about?
kid turned him in.
when it was all done...principal, parents, counselor...dorky
social worker...wringing her hands.
he stops to see me...says
`gdamit mel, i do one think and the world comes at me....
you sit in your room with kids on your one every
`hmm, i said, strange huh?` trust...and i never initiate.
they just flop down there. boys and girls.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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