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where the money is not / was workshops now undervalued arts in

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claybair on wed 24 oct 01


The supplies and scaffolding (yikes are we talking Sistine Chapel here??)
are provided and are not part of the $1000. BUT by my very rough time and
labor guesstimate for research, drawing, prepping the wall, transferring
the drawing, dealing with the staff, training one helper, dealing with
public and the actual painting leads me to believe I am not the one to take
on this project.
I think I will just continue to make my little 5"x5" paintings that take me
a few hours & command $65 - $125... no scaffolding, no politics and most
importantly.... no streaking!!! Trust me you do NOT want to see me
Regarding the elite artists that command grand fees.... the mural town in
question has a store front for Thomas Kincaid..... what a ****in' rip off
( you fill in the expletive)..... sure makes me see red! Morons go in there
and spend BIG bucks for reproductions and even bigger bucks if he puts a few
real brush strokes on it and signs it..... Arrrggghhhh.... now you got me
going I'm gonna have to settle down.... pass the porcelain......
Gayle Bair- deep breaths.... deep breaths...
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Potters are not the only low paid artisans....I was considering applying to
a local aquarium which has listed a $1000 grant to paint a mural. I found
out the mural is approx. 18' x 50'. I think that would work out somewhere
between minimum wage and slave labor! When I said that is not a lot of $
such a project she said something about the exposure......Frankly I think
I streaked down main street I'd get more "exposure"!


Yeah........ The arts in America in general are pretty undervalued..... and
that carries through to what artists in all media tend to get paid. Only
an elite few that make "good money" when measured on the "what other
professions get paid" yardstick.

Can you imagine a top clay artist artist being paid like a top professional
football player ?

People just LOVE to get artists "exposure"............. it keeps them from
having to pay for the services.... and asuages their mildly guilty
conscience for treating someone so badly .

Does that $ Grand just cover the artist's labor........ or are you expected
to supply the PAINT out of that too ?



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