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video / visual and kinesthetic learning

updated thu 25 oct 01


Jeremy McLeod on wed 24 oct 01

I'd be interested in such a video resource... or series of same.
The learning "breakthroughs" of late have come from sitting
and watching a skilled potter do her/his thing, maybe while
talking about what's happening, most often just working in
silence. We potters are an interesting combination of
visual and kinesthetic people.

I'm reminded of a wonderful story about Dame Margot Fontaine,
the British prima ballarina. When a young interviewer asked what
she was trying to communicate in a specific passage in her dancing
of Tchaikovsky's Dying Swan, is reputed to have replied
"My dear young man, do you think I'd go through all the pain of dancing it
if I could put it in words?"

Jeremy McLeod