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set-asides at my own sale

updated wed 24 oct 01


Eleanora Eden on tue 23 oct 01

At my own studio events I do something a bit different that works
wonderfully well. I have a 4x8 worktable that has this taped-on notice:

put items here you are deciding upon.
Please replace onto shelves if you won't be purchasing.

This works very well. I remember now how it began. And old friend was
carrying around something she wanted and then she put it back. Another old
friend then picked it and was carrying it around with other stuff.
Friend A raised a hissy-fit even though she had put it back. It was only
fair to award said piece to Friend B.....

so ever since I have had my homefree table and I like the ambiance it
suggests. Also that way people get to scope out pots even though they have
already been chosen by somebody else which is a big plus.

The routine has been so well established that when new customers come in
old customers point out the drill. Nice.


At 11:09 AM 10/22/01 -0700, you wrote:
>We recently held a large annual pottery show and sale. This year,
>for the first time, we had a posted policy that items would be held for
>30 minutes (this may have been a little extreme, and I'd suggest
>something like an hour). When the customer asks for an item to be
>held, explain the policy, and make up a tag with the time the item
>will go back "on sale."
>People generally accept a clear, fair policy.
>By the way, we adopted this policy because we have had problems in the
>past with artists' best work being "on hold" for customers who
>never returned.
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