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cookbook progress (no, really! i'm not making this up!)

updated wed 24 oct 01


L. P. Skeen on tue 23 oct 01

Yup, there has been progress. Sat down tonight with printed pages of =
the real deal, and put it together like I want it. I have decided to =
give Don Goodrich and Paul Lewing a run for their money with the =

The cookbook has limericks and
recipes for some food that's not canned.
With photos galore, and haiku and more,
it's just about finished, HOT DAMN!!!

I do not know yet when it will be printed, but I am told that once it =
gets in the hands of the actual guy who does the printing it won't be as =
long as it has been. The 'actual guy who does the printing' is a =
friend of mine who's been printing for 30+ years, so I'm confident the =
job will be well done. :) Y'all hold on now, the end is in sight!

If you haven't ordered your cookbook yet, you can do so at = Look for a charge on your =
credit card statement from Living Tree Studios or Living Tree Pottery (I =
don't know if the bank has changed how it shows up on the bill yet).
If you HAVE ordered, and for some reason want to cancel the order, I =
promise not to yell at you or about you if you just be honest and say so =
up front. :)

Tanks! This is gonna be a faboo book, I can just feel it. I cannot =
WAIT to get a finished copy in my hot little hands. Gotta get me some =
crawdad tail to make Tommy's Tasty Crawdad Pie.........

L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Studios, Summerfield, NC
"Just because nobody understands you does NOT mean that you are an =
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