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clayart video

updated fri 26 oct 01


John Jensen on tue 23 oct 01

I think this is a great idea, a collection of video's of clayart members at
work. Someone would have to edit it, someone would have to attend to the
details of production. HMMM. One two hour video with five minutes each of
24 potters. Or maybe a DVD would be possible with much more time...How much
video time can be on one DVD?

John Jensen, Mudbug Pottery

Jim Cullen on thu 25 oct 01

Why don't we do this. You wedge 6 lbs. of clay. Then mail that to the next
name on the list. That person can center it and send it on to the next
person for the first pull, etc., etc., etc. :-) (Big GRIN)

I've seen too many "Home-movies" to put an audience through something like
But, at least you're thinking about it. I like that!

The reason one edits a video or a film is to cut out the crap. What was
suggested as a polished, cohesive video of different people and different
styles. At least that the premise I'm proceeding on.

"The only thing wrong with a beautiful drive to work
is that you still end up at work."

Naperville, Illinois

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> Jim, how about this you make a tape, send it on to some one they add their
> segment. Keep passing the tape on and adding footage. You know like
> letters" but a lot more fun and interesting to see what you would get.
> person, who fills the tape, makes his/her copy and sends it back the
> opposite direction. No editing involved, just pure fun. "Clayart's
> Americas Funniest Video" in the making...
> Tracy in N.CA where the coonhound and jack russell are curled up, with
> tucked under their tails, it must be fall
> "Let's talk about it and maybe something worthwhile will come out of this
> kernel of an idea.
> Run it up the flagpole. The floor is open for discussion."
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