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updated tue 23 oct 01


Ron Collins on mon 22 oct 01

La Antigua, Guatemala is 45 minutes on four lane highway from Guatemala =
City airport. We can arrange transport from the airport-we will either =
come and get you, or arrange a shuttle, depending. A passport is =
required. The weather is sunny spring temperatures year round-we're up =
one mile high in the mountain highlands. Dollars are readily accepted =
and changed. =20
We are having a cocktail party on Sunday, Nov. 25th. You can stay here =
if you bring a sleeping bag and blow up air mattress. , (Hotels go from =
four star, very luxurious, to basic $10 a night, (they are perfectly =
clean and safe) We can arrange that for you. We are in Antigua itself =
and within walking distance from anywhere in town, and a block from the =
Raddison hotel and taxis. Antigua is very "touristy" with people from =
all over the world, but it is a small town. You can surf around the web =
and read about the history of this beautiful little place. The studio =
is large enough, and the house large enough for anyone who would like to =
come. It's lots of fun here in the Mayan highlands. =20