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acers art division call for papers

updated tue 23 oct 01


Karen Terpstra on mon 22 oct 01

Hi Folks,
The following is from Michael O'Toole at the American Ceramics Society

> The abstract submission deadline is less than a month away! Submit your abstract
> now to participate in the 104th Annual Meeting and Exposition of The American
> Ceramic Society, April 28 - May 1, 2002 in St. Louis.
> To submit your abstract on the web go to:
> See you in St. Louie!
We would like to encourage Clayarters to participate and give a 15
minute slide talk or paper presentation at the 104th Annual Meeting and
Exposition in St. Louis, MO, Apr. 28, '02 - May 1, 02. Presentations
would be on Monday, April 29.

We are seeking papers on the following topics: *History of Design *Art
and Education *Health and Safety Issues for the Studio Potter *New
Products for the Ceramic Artist *Ceramic Art History *Business Practices
for the Potter

On Sunday, April 25, Vince Pitelka will be giving a one-day workshop!
More info on that later....

For more information, contact "Michael O'Toole" or

Karen Terpstra
Art Division-Chair
La Crosse, WI