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mingei on art was: : "lumpy brown pots and their.philosophy

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Lee Love on sun 21 oct 01

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From: "Snail Scott"

> At 04:17 PM 10/18/01 +0930, Ivor wrote:

> ceramics which followed the publication of The Potters Book by Bernard
> Leach, though how a pot can formulate a philosophy is beyond my ken.
> That is pretty much what I meant, though.

I thought you were commenting on Mingei, Leach, Yanagi and Hamada. You
misunderstand their philosophy. It is too bad that you would try to create
conflict with otherwise sympathetic people.

All the original people in the Mingei group were first trained as
artists, so they know that world very well. Here is a little Leach quote from
Kevin Hulch's new book, The Art of Contemporary American Pottery, page 56:

Leach on Pablo Picasso, : 'He, as much as any man, opened the doors
of our perception to the art of primitive man by himself producing an art
inspired by it, which leads to a belief that the artist-craftsman of our time
must in fact be an artist and accept the responsibility of being born in an age
of world synthesis.'

If anything, it is the inferiority complex of the artist that does not
allow himself to stand next to the artist/craftsman. Function and the tactile
relationship to clay are very powerful means of communication.

More quotes to follow.....


Lee Love
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