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lowell baker workshop

updated mon 22 oct 01


Ron Collins on sun 21 oct 01

Clayart subscribers...Lowell did not write this, but gave me the ok to =
invite everyone on clayart-----a clayart gathering over Thanksgiving !
Lowell Baker will be in Antigua, Guatemala during Thanksgiving. =
Sponsored by Partners of the Americas, he will be building a castable, =
small kiln, of a size that a studio potter, working alone, could fill =
and fire frequently, as well as burner fabrication for the kiln. This =
is important in a country with no low or high fire kiln technology =
available to studio potters. In addition, he will be continuing his =
work with crushed glass-cullet-low fire glazes, using available =
materials here to formulate functional attractive glazes for low fire. =
This will be a very interesting opportunity for anyone interested in a =
more self-sufficient way of working. Additionally, the week will =
provide many opportunities to draw on Lowell's expertise in many areas. =
The best part, however, is that it is practically free to =
attend..........The cost of your plane ticket will be about what a =
workshop will cost!! It will be a wonderful chance to see a beautiful =
country by people who know it, do some prospecting yourself, and learn =
some very interesting ways to work. The studio will be open to you all =
week, and lodging and food are cheap and safe. We'll take care of =
you....It is 3 hours direct from many U.S. major cities......write me =
for will be a fun time for everyone and I can't think of a =
better impromtu location for a Thanksgiving clayart =