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large kilns, old potters and making money

updated sat 20 oct 01


Anita M. Swan on fri 19 oct 01

Answering lots of posts at once:

A. Turned 46 yesterday. Didn't know 46 was so young until I got there! Inside
I'm still in my twenties - a great improvement because I spent several decades
stuck at 15!

B. When you 'graduate' to a bigger kiln, keep that little one! You can: 1. do the
electric to electric and gas conversion. 2. make a raku kiln. 3. do electric
saggar. 4. experiment, play and have a backup kiln when the new one doesn't work.
5. use it when you have lots of stuff to fire - I get one kiln done and start the
next while the 1st is cooling - only have enough power for one at a time plus some
of my pots are bisqued at ^08 and some at ^04 depending on the final treatment.

Also learned - yes, the kiln that does everything - the one with the digital
controller - is great, BUT get the kiln sitter back up and ALWAYS believe your
witness cones, no matter what the controller says!

C. I've done a few workshops, sold lots of pots and in my spare time I teach
middle school art. There's nothing to compare to that 'light coming on' thing that
happens, whether it's a student who 'gets it' (middle schooler or workshop
participant) or a customer holding one of your clay pieces, just 'has' to have
it. Find a way to do it - your life may not be easy, but it will never be boring!

Good Luck! 'Nita