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submitting a proposal for an accredited ceramics program

updated wed 17 oct 01


Bill Rubar on mon 15 oct 01

I am the visiting artist at Cornell University and I have found CU to
have a Ceramic Studio but not an accredited program for Ceramics. I
believe the University is adequate and equipped to serve the academic
community while supporting the community of ceramic potters. I think though
an accredited program would better prepare the student majoring in Fine
Artand Sculpture. Therefore, I am writing for any insight any of you
may have to share on how I would submit a proposal for such a program.
Can anyone share this information with me? I am hoping to submit this
proposal for accrediting a ceramics program to several members of the
School for Art and Architecture and the School for Arts and Science at
Cornell . So, any information regarding how to submit a proposal on
accrediting a Ceramics program is helpful.



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