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gotta test! gotta grid! currie workshop.

updated thu 18 oct 01


Stephani Stephenson on tue 16 oct 01

Attended Ian Currie's workshop in San Diego this past weekend.
Wow! Thank you Ian Currie and CASD!
I am impressed by elegance and clarity of the system he teaches.
Very nice, very sleek, very cool.
Seems like the greatest amount of understandable results
for the least number of hours testing!
Very efficient, and well presented by Mr. Currie.
The information gleaned from results, very useful.
Eureka! it is possible to connect the dots, more than one dot at a time.

The system demonstrates relationships, much more than dots.

I admit I purchased his book a couple of months ago.
But I hadn't read it through cover to cover...just saw the grids, the
thought, OK....I like the picture of Ian holding his breath and I KNOW
I should memorize the
oxides but what else is going on here?
but going through the process with Currie and others at the workshop
AH, the light went on!
I thought a eutectic trough was some imaginary, mathematical
calculation existing in space, visible only to physics majors and
ceramic engineers
now I know it is a real, visible, tangible place
(The eutectic trough....where ALL the eutectics chow down!)
that's where I will be dining,
and dancing next door at the opalescent room and flirting with the semi
who says glaze testing is a bore?

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA