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thanks wade - re: glaze problems

updated sun 14 oct 01


Karen and Cliff Sandlin on sat 13 oct 01

Gosh - never occurred to me that it could be the clay. Thanks for
pointing this out. That may be the reason for the exploding craters

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If you are using the cone 6 to 9 clay from Laguna, you will have
problems. I used that clay and the glazes would not only crackle, but
actually crack. The firing range for that clay is just too wide.The cone
to 6 clays are what one should use if you fire to cone 5 or a bit
Thinning a glaze too much might end up with a rough surface, unless it
is a
transparent gloss glaze. Matt glazes have to be applied with a thicker
coat. If the pot ends up with a few bare spots or pinholing, reglaze
area with either the same glaze or a different glaze, and refire. This
generally result in a perfectly glazed pot. Mia in ABQ

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