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need ^5 b-mix ox glaze base

updated sat 13 oct 01


David Willhite on fri 12 oct 01


I'm a newbie. My question is:

Can someone send me a recipe that is appropriate for ^5 B-Mix?

I'd prefer a recipe that has been tested for fit and absorption.
My last glaze I used for 3 years and then found out that it crazed!
I would appreciate any analysis done or colors tested.

I have the following ingredients: (and can get others)

Custer Feldspar
EPK Kaolin
Silica 200 Mesh

Red Iron Ox
Cobalt Carb
Chrome Ox

I fire in a Computer controlled Skutt to ^06 bisque and ^5 glaze.
However, I could fire to ^6 if need be.

Thank you so much,

David Willhite