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figurative clay forms workshop - cupertino, ca

updated sat 13 oct 01


Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild on fri 12 oct 01

Figurative Clay Forms, with Catherine Merrill

Working with a live model, this workshop focuses on
techniques for making dynamic and expressive figurative
clay forms. Participants draw and paint on clay slabs
and build free-standing figures. Working with polychrome
terra sigilattas and colored clay, students will explore
the rich and varied surfaces possible in low fire sculpture.
(Clay is provided, but participants must make their own
arrangements for glazing and firing, if desired.)


Morning: Instructor demos: terra sigilatta, colored clay,
drawing on a clay slab. Participants prepare slabs and
sculpture mix. Slides.

Afternoon: Model session. Gesture drawings on paper.
Drawings and painting on clay slabs, Modeling a
free-standing sculpture.


As in primitive cultures, where people made art to help
them understand life, death, and the events of their
lives, my current work explores themes of loss: loss of
life, loss of love, and loss of illusions. Using pairs of
figures, diptychs and multiple fragments to create a
whole, both free standing sculptures and wall pieces
explore the theme of the Double, telling a story
through visual dialog.

LOCATION: De Anza College, Cupertino, CA

DATE: Saturday, November 10th, 10:00-5:00

PRICE: $50 for OVCAG members, $60 for non-members

For more information, and registration forms, visit
our website at http://WWW.OVCAG.ORG and click on the
"Workshops" link at the tope of the page.