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hydrometer readings and cat litter

updated thu 11 oct 01


Patti Kratzke on wed 10 oct 01

OK, this is intriguing. Cat litter in glazes. I don't have as much
experience as a lot of other Claybuddies, so my clay/glaze chemistry is a
little primative (I'm a nurse, after all - why would I need to know
chemistry?). Please elaborate. Firing range? Effect? Scented or
I have cats and LOTS of litter.

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001 19:29:58 +0100 Martin Howard
> Christena is probably right from my experience.
> As I use a lot of cat litter, Bentonite/Montmorrilonite, in my
> homemade
> glazes, those glazes are very difficult to assess with the
> hydrometer.
> So,I use the weighing method for those.
> It is very accurate, as far as my homemade hydrometer is accurate!
> for those
> bought glazes that have virtually no clay in them.
> But the finger method is also very useful.
> Another quick method is to use a flattish cooking utensil with lots
> of holes
> in it for stirring the glaze. I have one in each bucket of glaze and
> slip.
> After stirring I tap this stirring tool on the side and about half
> the holes
> clear. That means it is OK. Most remain blocked means it needs more
> water.
> Most have cleared means leave the lid off awhile for some water to
> evaporate.
> Martin Howard
> Webb's Cottage Pottery
> Woolpits Road, Great Saling
> England
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